We're Bridgechem, doing more for our customers, with a bigger vision.

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We doing more for our customers, with a bigger vision.
BC Alcohol

Bridgechem, BC Alcohol established in 2003 as a chemical import and export company with long experience in the petrochemical and fine chemicals market.

Under the philosophy of human-centered management and value-creating management, we recognize that the development and success of our customers are the foundation of our growth. Cooperating with the world's leading multinational companies and excellent domestic fine chemical producers, we will become a company that fulfills its responsibility and obligation to contribute to society by competitively providing customers with environmentally friendly and quality-enhancing chemical products.

As a company that pursues shared growth from the customer's perspective, Bridgdechem, BC Alcohol will contribute to the eco-friendly production of products that contribute to the prosperity of mankind by supplying electronic chemicals, raw materials for paints and inks, engineering and plastic materials, raw materials for spandex fibers, and raw materials for food and medicine.

To develop products that are differentiated from our competitors, we will strengthen our R&D activities and conduct more active marketing to become a leading player in the global era.

We Bridgechem, BC Alcohol, will do more for our customers with a bigger vision.

Bridgechem CEO : KIM YONG SUP Business.No. : 220-87-05274 Phone : +82 2-584-3791 FAX : +82 2-584-3795 E-Mail : Address : 5F, Kyowha B/D, 12, Gangnam-daero 47-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06729, Korea
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